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Overseas Education

Our Corporate Trainings

Azure Devops

Master Azure DevOps for Guidewire's powerful insurance software. Learn industry-relevant skills and excel in insurance technology. Start your journey to expertise today!

Azure Data Engineer

Master Azure Data Engineering for Full Stack development: cloud-based databases, data pipelines, and more. Elevate your data engineering skills today!

AWS Devops

Comprehensive AWS DevOps Course: Learn web development, deployment pipelines, and advanced DevOps concepts. Start building your expertise today!

Tableau Desktop/Tableau Server

Unlock Tableau Desktop/Tableau Server proficiency: Visualize HR, payroll, and talent management data. Excel in modern workforce analytics solutions.


Unleash Project Management Efficiency with Jira: Streamline project tracking, issue management, and team collaboration. Elevate your project management skills.

Testing Automation

Enhance testing automation skills: Selenium Testing course covers test automation fundamentals, web testing, and advanced Selenium techniques.

Why choose Smart Stream IT Solutions?

Smart Stream IT Solutions stands out as the premier choice for comprehensive training across a wide array of technology courses. From mastering Azure DevOps to diving into Azure Data Engineering and AWS DevOps, our curriculum covers the latest tools and techniques essential for success in today’s tech-driven world. Our courses extend beyond cloud computing, encompassing essential skills like data visualization with Tableau Desktop/Tableau Server and Power BI, as well as software testing automation using tools like Selenium. Moreover, we offer specialized training in GCP Data Engineering, equipping learners with the knowledge to build scalable and reliable data pipelines on Google Cloud Platform. With expert instructors, hands-on learning experiences, and personalized support, Smart Stream IT Solutions is committed to empowering individuals to excel in their chosen fields and thrive in the ever-evolving technology landscape. Choose Smart Stream IT Solutions for top-notch training and unlock your potential for success in the world of technology.

Smart Stream IT is the best place for Overseas Education

Corporate Trainings

Live virtual classrooms, mentoring sessions, hands-on projects, and interactive labs drive learner outcomes.

Overseas Education

Embark on your journey of studying abroad with expert guidance from our visa consultancy. We specialize in simplifying the process for your academic journey overseas. Reach out today for comprehensive support and assistance!